Focus on Immigration, Residency and Naturalization
The representative of our office is an Immigration Lawyer in Tokotozawa-city, Saitama, Japan, registered and authorized by the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau to submit applications and legal materials to the Immigration Bureau on behalf of foereign nationals. Our office provides both individual citizens and corporations with our professional services.

The area of focus is Immigration, Residency and Naturalization on behalf of our clients. Our office is thoroughly knowledgeble with relative laws, ordinances, internal rules of the Immigration Bureau. For most Immigration paper work you will not be required to appear at the Regional Immigration Bureau. (Special Permission for Residence and applications for Naturalization may require your attendence.)
Our services will be done based upon personal information you provided. Our office will strictly maintain your privacy in the way stated in Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Act, other related laws,and regulations.

Therefore, you can entrust your applications to our office for thorough and complete processing in a reliable and secured way.
■ Mission of our office
  Our mission is to contribute to improvement of quality of life as well as progress and prosperity of our society through our professional duties based upon fairness and honesty in good faith toward social harmony.

An Immigration lawyer (Gyoseishoshi) is a national licenced lawyer who practices to prepare documents relating to rights and duties or certification of facts under Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist Act on behalf of clients.

  We protect rights and interest of individual citizens and corporations in addition to the efficient administrative procedures being ensured by our accurate and quick documentary preparation while the demand for highly skilled legal knowledge is increasingly growing in this complex and sophisticated social and business environment.
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